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Thanks so much to our corporate circle members and interview sponsors! Our new QSOS site wouldn't be possible without you.

 QA Corporate Circle Members:


Interview Sponsors:

Sponsored 40 Interviews:
Nancy O'Bryant Puentes
Private Donor

Sponsored 20 interviews:
Anita Grossman Solomon (Make It Simpler)
Susan Salser

Sponsored 10 interviews:
Le Rowell

Sponsored 8 interviews:
Leslie Jenison
Dorry Emmer

Sponsored 4 interviews:
Susan Quinn
Kay Schroeder
Meg Cox
Del Thomas
Pam Neil
Christine Turner
Karen Alexander
Janneken Smucker
Emily Klainberg
Frances O'Roark Dowell
Brenda Brinn

Sponsored 2 interviews:
Joe Cunningham
Martha Sielman
Sally Maxwell
Amy Milne
Allie Aller
Jeri Riggs
Adrienne Yorinks
Karla Poggen
Becky Goldsmith
Mary Persyn
Laura McDowell Hopper
Patty Simmons
Martha Sielman

Sponsored 1 Interview:
Katherine Dossman
Annabel Ebersole
Elizabeth Joe
Sylvia Milne
Leslie Warren May
Vicki Coody Mangum
Lisa Ellis
Alexis Delbridge
Mary Elizabeth Kinch
Jane Hancock
Diana Cherryholmes
Jean DeFrances

Additional gifts:
Julianne Donofrio

Fundraising progress as of 1/30/19:

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