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Mayte Guerro


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Karen Musgrave (KM): This is Karen Musgrave and I am conducting a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Mayte Guerro. It is 4:39 in the afternoon on March 7, 2007, and I'm in Boonville, California. Thank you for letting me interview you today. Can you tell me about the quilt that you brought today?

Mayte Guerro (MG): I did my quilt because I really like butterflies. I like nature and I really like houses.

KM: When did you make this quilt?

MG: September 4. September, 2004.

KM: How old were you then?

MG: Seven.

KM: Seven years old, so how old are you now?

MG: Nine.

KM: Nine. It has a house in it.

MG: Yes.

KM: Is this your house?

MG: Yes.

KM: It has a tree?

MG: I just made that because I like trees there.

KM: What is the other thing on here?

MG: Butterflies.

KM: And also?

MG: My name.

KM: Your name. Why did you put your name on there?

MG: So people could know that was my name.

KM: Is this the only quilt you made?

MG: Yes.

KM: So you made one quilt. Do you want to make more quilts?

MG: I think so.

KM: You think so. What do you want to do when you grow up?

MG: I want to be an architect.

KM: Having the house on here is kind of. Did you know you wanted to be an architect when you made the quilt? No, but you do now? That is very good. Tell me about the fabrics you used? Do you remember why you choose these fabrics?

MG: I used the different kind of blue fabrics because of the color of the sky.

KM: Your house is in the sky with the butterflies. Do you like the color blue?

MG: Yes.

KM: Is it your favorite color?

MG: My second favorite.

KM: What is your first favorite color?

MG: Green.

KM: Green is first and blue is second. So your house is floating in the sky with the butterflies?

MG: Yes.

KM: Is it night?

MG: Yes.

KM: Why did you choice to do a night scene?

MG: I was doing it at night.

KM: You were making the quilt at night, so that is why it was at nighttime, to reflect what was going on?

MG: Yes.

KM: Are you happy about this quilt?

MG: Yes.

KM: Even when you look at it now? That is good. Where has this quilt been?

MG: What?

KM: Has it been exhibited?

MG: Yes.

KM: Did you go when it was exhibited?

MG: Yes.

KM: What did you think about that when you saw your quilt in a quilt exhibit? Do you remember? No.

MG: I felt glad.

KM: What do you plan to do with this quilt?

MG: Put it at home.

KM: Keep it at home. Are you going to put it in your room?

MG: Yes.

KM: Hang it in your room. Why do you think quilts are important?

MG: They reflect what you think.

KM: They reflect what you think. That is very good. What do you think of your mom's quilt?

MG: I like it.

KM: What do you like about your mom's quilt?

MG: That it has me on it.

KM: It has you on it. Do you think this looks like you?

MG: Yes.

KM: I think so too. Did you write your name on here because your mom wrote Mom on here?

MG: Yes.

KM: You were doing what she does?

MG: Yes.

KM: What do you like about your mom's quilt?

MG: The colors.

KM: You like the colors, what else?

MG: The clothes she put on it.

KM: You like those clothes. Do they look like your clothes?

MG: No.

KM: Do you were skirts and dresses more often?

MG: Yes.

KM: You do. You like to dress up?

MG: Yes.

KM: That is very nice. This is your sister and your brother?

MG: Yes.

KM: It is very nice. I hope your mom gets to make more quilts. Do you like to go on picnics?

MG: Yes.

KM: You are happy that she put a picnic in there?

MG: Yes.

KM: Picnics are full of sweets. Is that what you like, sweets?

MG: Yes.

KM: That is very good. Do you think this quilt reflects you?

MG: Yes.

KM: Do you think this reflects your mom?

MG: Yes.

KM: Do you think Rosie's quilts reflect her?

MG: Yes.

KM: You think everybody's personality came out?

MG: Yes.

KM: That is good. I hope you make more quilts. I do. Did you enjoy coming here and making quilts? Did you do it here or at home?

MG: Home.

KM: You did it at home, so your mom showed you how?

MG: Yes.

KM: Did you cut everything out?

MG: Yes.

KM: You used scissors?

MG: She cut out this.

KM: She cut out your name for you. That was nice of her. That is nice fabric too with the flowers. Do you like, you said you like nature.

MG: Yes.

KM: Do you still like butterflies?

MG: I still like them.

KM: You still like butterflies. What else do you like? Do you draw? Did you draw this first?

MG: No.

KM: You just put it all together.

MG: I like dogs.

KM: You like dogs. So what will be in your next quilt?

MG: Probably a dog.

KM: Do you have a dog at home?

MG: Yes, one.

KM: What kind?

MG: I don't know what kind.

KM: What color is he?

MG: Brown.

KM: Would you have a brown dog? Will you have another house in it?

MG: Yes.

KM: Is there anything else you would like to share with me?

MG: No.

KM: Do you think this is good?

MG: Yes.

KM: I hope you make more quilts because you did a very good job.

MG: Thank you.

KM: I bet you can do it even more fabulous now that you are a little older, right?

MG: Yes.

KM: I would be very interested in seeing what you do. Thank you so much for letting me, for talking to me and sharing with me your thoughts on quilts.

MG: Okay.

KM: They are good thoughts. Thank you.


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