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Thanks so much to our corporate circle members and interview sponsors! Our new QSOS site wouldn't be possible without you.

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Sponsored 100 Interviews
The National Quilting Association Grant Program

Sponsored 65 Interviews:
Attached, Inc./Mistyfuse

Sponsored 40 Interviews:
Nancy O'Bryant Puentes
Private Donor

Sponsored 25 interviews:
Handi Quilter

Sponsored 20 interviews:
Anita Grossman Solomon (Make It Simpler)
Susan Salser

Sponsored 12 interviews:
Karey Bresenhan

Sponsored 10 interviews:
Le Rowell
Bernina USA
Cherrywood Fabrics

Sponsored 8 interviews:
Leslie Jenison
Dorry Emmer
Karen Alexander, in honor of Barbara Gonce

Sponsored 4 interviews:
Susan Quinn
Kay Schroeder
Meg Cox
Del Thomas
Pam Neil
Christine Turner
Karen Alexander
Janneken Smucker
Emily Klainberg
Frances O'Roark Dowell
Brenda Brinn
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Sponsored 2 interviews:
Joe Cunningham
Martha Sielman
Sally Maxwell
Amy Milne
Allie Aller
Jeri Riggs
Adrienne Yorinks
Karla Poggen
Becky Goldsmith
Mary Persyn
Laura McDowell Hopper
Patty Simmons
Martha Sielman
Annette Becker

Sponsored 1 Interview:
Katherine Dossman
Annabel Ebersole
Elizabeth Joe
Sylvia Milne
Leslie Warren May
Vicki Coody Mangum
Lisa Ellis
Alexis Delbridge
Mary Elizabeth Kinch
Jane Hancock
Diana Cherryholmes
Jean DeFrances
Andrea Murray
Marin Hanson

Additional gifts:
Julianne Donofrio

Fundraising progress as of 6/30/20:

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