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Virginia Abrams
Virginia Abrams is a non-traditional quilter from Delaware. She hand-dyes most of her fabrics, and puts them together using an improvisational curved piecing method. She began quilting 3 years before her interview, starting with Nancy Crowe patterns…

Helen Allen
Helen Allen has been quilting since about 1980 while she was attending night school. She belongs to a quilter’s bee called “White on White”,and is also an active member of her quilt guild Piecemakers. Allen believes a quilt should have meaning, which…

Deborah Barr
Deborah Barr majored in art, and was a painter before she stared quilting. She has been quilting for about 20 years, and views quilting as her new medium. Barr like to use a lot of heavily patterned fabric, and does not like to follow traditional…
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