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Lyn Brown, who grew up in Australia, talks about quiltmaking with her mother and sister.








Robinson reflects on her experience quilting, including how it helped her during her battle against breast cancer, and the awards she has won for quilting.

Kay Jones interviews quilter Jean Vining, a former school teacher and award-winning quilt artist. She discusses the quilt she has brought in for the interview, a family quilt which she created for her sister's wedding anniversary. She talks about…

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Nomura, the interviewee, discusses the patchwork MacBook case she has present with her at the interview, her history and interests in quilting, what she thinks makes a good quilt, and her current position as collections manager at a quilt research…

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As a collections manager at the International Quilt Studies Center and Museum, Nomura discusses her own interest in quilting as well as what qualities make good quilts. She offers advice on how to best preserve quilts. Nomura also discusses the…

Kay Jones interviews Nancy Martin, a quilter and quilt book writer from New Jersey. Martin discusses her personal connections to quilting, including how she began quilt, how quilting has impacted her family life, and her quilt business and books she…

Hester Able interviews Marlene Peterman, a quilter and quilting teacher, for the Quilters' S.O.S. Oral History Project. Peterman discusses personal aspects of her quilting, including how she began quilting, her personal style of quilting, and her…

Jo Frances Greenlaw interviews Sandra Leichner, an award-winning quilter. Leichner discusses her quilt "Pharaoh" in great detail, which won best in show for the quilt festival where the interview takes place. Leichner talks about how she began…

Van Kooten discusses his ventures in quilting and the influence that it has had on his life as a hobby as well as a source of monetary value when entering competitions. He talks about the wearable quilted item (the "Kootomono") that he brought to the…
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