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Bette Uscott-Woolsey discusses her unique technique for creating art by combining both fabric and acrylic paint. She talks about some of the artists she admires and other art that inspires her own art. She discusses how she balances creating art and…

Carolyn Lee Vehslage talks about how her career as a computer network engineer, as well as her friendship with fabric designer Lonni Rossi, led to her Computer Series of quilts, which include her "Fried Circuits" and "System Overload" series.…

Schwartzman discusses her origins as a quilter, as well as her interest in flower quilts. She describes her work at the Sedgwick Cultural Center as director of the museum art guild, and her role in organizing quilt shows for the museum. She notes her…

Burnstein discusses her career as a quilter. She talks about how she started quilting, and her thoughts on quilting and history. She also describes her work as an art therapist, as well as working with the art quilts at the Sedgwick Quilt Show.

Rossi discusses her touchstone quilt, "Double Duende." She also talks about how she became interested in quilting, as well as her career as a graphic designer. Rossi expresses her opinions on the place of quilting in American history as well as…

Megan Dwyre interviews Cindy Friedman, a quilter and fiber artist based in Pennsylvania. She discusses personal aspects of quilting, including how she began to quilt, her style and creative processes, and her feelings on what makes a great quilt and…

June Underwood talks about her quilt, "Crow's Line," which is part of her series involving crows and dragons. She talks about the techniques she used to create the quilt, the types of cloth and thread, and the technique of dyeing with bleach or other…

Gabrielle Swain talks about her quilt, "Maple Breaks," including its appearance and the techniques she used to create it, and the special meaning of the quilt and her focus on nature. She talks about how she began quilting, using quilting to survive…

Lori Miller interviews Carol Taylor, a successful quilt artist, at the Sedgwick Cultural Center in Philadelphia (Pa.). Taylor discusses her Gong quilt series and how she became a successful quilter. She talks about her creative processes when making…

Gawlik shares her unique perspective on quilting, having started in America with her grandmother, she then moved to Japan and started working with natural materials. Her background in graphic design allows her to have an interesting relationship with…


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