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Luis Sanchez




Luis Sanchez


Karen Musgrave

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Boonville, California


Kim Greene


Note: Yolanda Ibarra was the translator.

Karen Musgrave (KM): This is Karen Musgrave. I'm doing a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Luis Sanchez. We are in Boonville, Illinois. It is

Yolanda Ibarra: Illinois?

KM: Oh, California. See I want to go home. Not really. Boonville, California. It is 3:30 in the afternoon on March 6, 2007. Luis, tell me about the quilt picture that you have in front of us.

Luis Sanchez (LS): I like the animals.

KM: It has lots of animals. What animals does it have on here?

LS: Dolphins, giraffes, bangle tigers, and zebras.

KM: We have whales.

LS: Whales and dolphins.

KM: And a moose.

LS: Sheeps.

KM: You like animals, so you put animals in your quilt?

LS: Um, hum.

KM: There is also some tractors?

LS: A boat.

KM: Boat, helicopters. What is this?

LS: Airplane.

KM: An airplane. Tell me the story about the quilt. What does it mean?

LS: I forgot it.

KM: You forgot it? [laughs.]

LS: [whispers.]

KM: It is okay. Did you pick out all of the fabrics?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Did you cut everything out?

LS: Yeah.

KM: How old were you when you made this?

LS: Ten.

KM: You were ten years old?

LS: No, nine.

KM: Nine, nine years old. You were nine years old when you made this?

LS: Yeah.

KM: You are ten now? You had a birthday?

LS: Yeah.

KM: That is good. You made this with your mom?

LS: Yeah.

KM: But you picked out all the fabrics and you cut everything out?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Did you decide where everything went?

LS: Yeah. She did the stitching.

KM: She did the stitching, the quilting on there?

LS: Yup. I forgot.

KM: You can do it in Spanish, it is okay with me. How many quilts have you made?

LS: Two.

KM: Two quilts?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Do you have either of the quilts? No. You sold both of the quilts? Yeah, what did the first one look like?

LS: A farm.

KM: You like animals and farms? Yeah. How much did the first one sell for?

LS: Fifty dollars.

KM: Fifty dollars, and how much did the second one sell for?

LS: Eighty dollars.

KM: Eighty dollars, just like your brother? Did you make it at the same time as your brother?

LS: No. He sold first.

KM: Then you? How did you feel about him selling it first? Were you happy?

LS: No.

KM: [laughs.] Did you save your money?

LS: Um, hum.

KM: You saved your money? What are you trying to buy? Don't know?

LS: No.

KM: You are saving it?

YI: You don't want an Ipod like your brother?

LS: No.

KM: Don't want an Ipod. No.

Interpreter: He probably wants a computer. [laughs.]

KM: You are going to save up for a computer? Computers are nice. What do you think about your mom's quilting?

LS: I have never seen them built.

KM: You have never seen your mom's quilt?

LS: Only one. I only saw two, one with butterflies.

KM: One with butterflies?

LS: Yep, and the next one the Chinese girl.

KM: The Chinese girl, and did you like that one?

LS: No.

KM: You like the butterfly one?

LS: That one I saw too.

KM: Do you like them.

LS: And that one.

KM: And that one too, so you have seen more than two?

YI: You said two only. [laughs.]

KM: Which one do you like the best.

LS: And that one too.

KM: And that one too.

YI: Now he remembers.

KM: Which one do you like?

LS: That one.

KM: You and your father helped make this quilt.

LS: Yep.

KM: What is this quilt about?

LS: I don't know.

KM: You don't know what it is about?

LS: No.

KM: Who are these men? You don't know who these men are? What did you help with?

LS: The back and this. She did this in one night, that is why they helped.

KM: That is because you don't remember. Was it that long ago?

LS: Like. Like two years.

KM: Two years ago. It says 06, it was last year. You have a very short memory. We like to tease you.

LS: [laughs.]

KM: We like to tease you. Are you going to make more quilts?

LS: I don't know.

KM: You don't like them as much? No. What do you like to do?

LS: Play.

KM: You like to play? Why did you decide to make quilts?

LS: My brother said, 'I would want to make them because I want to get money for my Ipod', and then everybody said, 'Oh lets make one'.

KM: So everybody, the whole family decided to make them. Everybody made one?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Did you dad make one?

LS: No.

KM: No not your dad?

LS: No.

KM: Just your mom and your brother and your sister.

LS: Yeah.

KM: So you all made quilts. Were you surprised when you sold your quilt??

LS: No.

KM: You weren't surprised? You thought they would sell?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Do you miss them at all?

LS: Um, hum.

KM: Could you make another one?

LS: Yep.

KM: Do you think you will have quilts in your house when you grow up?

LS: No.

KM: No. You don't like quilts?

LS: Not a lot.

KM: That is okay, they are not for everyone. Your mother will probably.

LS: She likes them.

KM: How does that make you feel?

LS: Good.

KM: It makes you feel good because she is happy.

LS: Um, hum.

KM: Do you have lots of quilts hanging around in your house?

LS: No.

KM: Does your friends know you made a quilt? No, you don't tell them, it is a secret?

LS: No.

KM: You just don't share. Not that important.

LS: No.

KM: You didn't even tell them when you got money? That is a lot of money.

LS: I saved up.

KM: That's good. It is really good to be able to save, especially now. That is wonderful. Is there anything else you want to share with me?

LS: I don't know.

KM: Did you like doing this?

LS: Um, hum.

KM: Was it interesting?

LS: Yeah.

KM: Good, alright thank you very much for taking your time to talk to me.

LS: Okay, bye.


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