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Paola Sanchez


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Karen Musgrave (KM): This is Karen Musgrave. I'm doing a Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories interview with Paola Sanchez. It is March 6, 2007, and it is 3:43 in the afternoon. Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. Tell me about this quilt.

Paola Sanchez (PS): She likes the quilt and she likes the money.

KM: You made this quilt and it sold? How old were you when you made this quilt?

PS: Seven.

KM: Seven years old. How many quilts have you made?

PS: Just this one.

KM: Just one. Tell me about this quilt.

PS: She likes the boots she put on there.

KM: Cowboy boots.

PS: [laughs.]

KM: So there is a cowboy. Did you draw the face? Yes you drew the face and the cowboy has cows?

PS: Horse.

KM: A horse and a sheep?

PS: Yes.

KM: And cherries.

PS: Um, hum.

KM: Is he hungry?

PS: Yeah.

KM: Did you pick out the fabrics?

PS: Yes.

KM: Did you put it together? Did you decide where things went?

PS: Some parts.

KM: I like his hat too, he has a nice cowboy hat. So he is on a farm? Do you like farms? And you like animals?

PS: Yes.

KM: How much did your quilt sell for?

PS: Fifty dollars.

KM: Fifty dollars. Do you know who bought your quilt?

PS: No.

KM: When did it sell?

PS: About seven months ago.

KM: Were you still seven then?

PS: Yes.

KM: Are you still seven now? When is your birthday?

PS: September 3.

KM: September, coming quickly. It will be here before you know it. Are you going to make more quilts?

PS: Um, hum.

KM: You like to make quilts? Yeah. Do you like your mom's quilts?

PS: Yes.

KM: What is your favorite quilt of your mom's?

PS: The Virgin Mary.

KM: The Virgin Mary quilt. You like that one the best?

PS: Um, hum.

KM: Why do you like that one the best?

PS: Because it is Virgin Mary and she takes care of us.

KM: That is your favorite quilt?

PS: I want to do one of those.

KM: Oh you do, I think you should. Would it be big or small?

PS: Bigger.

KM: What would you do with it? Would you hang it in your room?

PS: Sell it.

KM: Oh you would sell it.

PS: And make another one for me.

KM: That sounds familiar. What did you do with the money? Did you save it like your brothers?

PS: Yeah.

KM: What do you want?

PS: A doll.

KM: What kind of doll?

PS: A big doll.

KM: What would you do with it?

PS: Play.

KM: Do you like fabric?

PS: Um, hum.

KM: Do you like going through and picking out which fabrics to use?

PS: Yes.

KM: Is that the fun part?

PS: Yep.

KM: Did you cut everything out?

PS: Yep.

KM: You did a good job. Very good job. Do you want to make more quilts? How many quilts do you want to make?

PS: One hundred.

KM: I think that is a great number. [laughs.] That is wonderful. One hundred quilts, and then what will you do? Will you rest?

PS: Then I do another hundred.

KM: Another hundred, that is wonderful.

PS: For me.

KM: So one hundred to sell and one hundred to keep. Do you ever want to sleep under a quilt?

PS: Yes.

KM: Do you think that would be nice to sleep under a quilt?

PS: Yes.

KM: What color quilt would you sleep under?

PS: Pink.

KM: Is pink your favorite color.

PS: Yes.

KM: But there is no pink in this quilt. What would your next quilt look like after the Virgin Mary?

PS: Ocean.

KM: You like the ocean too. Are you going to have sharks in yours like your brother?

PS: No.

KM: No sharks, what would you have in it?

PS: Fish.

KM: Do you like fish?

PS: Yeah.

KM: What else would you have in your ocean?

PS: Seahorses.

KM: I like seahorses. It sounds like you have good ideas. Do you like to draw? What else do you like to do?

PS: Color and paint.

KM: You know you can paint on fabric. You drew on him, you drew his face. He looks very happy. He does, he is happy being on the farm. Do you want to save up and have some nice cowboy boots?

PS: Yep.

Interpreter: You can get some pink cowboy boots.

KM: Do you know what cowboy boots are called in Texas?

PS: No.

KM: Kickers. I used to live in Texas and there were lots of cowboys in Texas. Did you know that?

PS: No.

KM: Are there a lot of cowboys in Boonville? There are a lot of cowboys in Boonville. Is that where you got your inspiration?

PS: Yeah.

KM: From seeing people.

PS: No.

KM: What does your dad think about your quiltmaking?

PS: He thinks it is pretty.

KM: He likes that everybody quilts at his house?

PS: Yes.

KM: How come he hasn't made a quilt? Do you think he should make a quilt?

PS: He doesn't like to do them. He likes to help.

KM: He likes to help, but he doesn't like to actually make them. That is okay, you can do it for him. You have to get busy if you are going to make a hundred. Yes? I think you are good at making quilts. You are very sweet. I am glad you sold it. Did that make you happy?

PS: Yes.

KM: Do you miss it?

PS: Yeah.

KM: You can make another one.

PS: Yeah.

KM: Would you make it different? Would you change something? What would you change? If you had a chance to change something, what would you change?

PS: The animals.

KM: Have different ones?

PS: Yeah/

KM: What would you have?

PS: A pig and a bull.

KM: A bull, oh. Do you think he would still be smiling if there was a bull next to him?

PS: No.

KM: Maybe he is a furious cowboy. He can take care of himself. That is good. I hope that I get to see other quilts that you make. I would love to see them. Thank you. Is there anything else you would like to share with me?

PS: My little brother likes to buy. Her little brother likes animals too.

KM: Everyone in your house likes animals.

Interpreter: She has a three year old.

KM: A three year old brother. But he hasn't made a quilt yet though.

PS: No. He want to do one of animal.

KM: So he has an idea already. That is pretty good. Do you think his will sell?

PS: Yes.

KM: You are very confident. That is very good. Thank you very much for coming and sharing with me.


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