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Paulette Lancaster interviews Sally Ambrose, a quilter and quilt appraiser, for the Quilters' S.O.S. Oral History Project. Ambrose discusses the quilt she has brought in for the interview and its deep meaning to her family. She talks about her…

Gasperik discusses her grandmother's quilt, as well as the life story of her grandmother who came to the United States as a Hungarian immigrant. Gasperik offers advice and suggestions to those who wish to pursue quilting or look for inspiration in…

Linda Claussen is interviewed at a quilting seminar. She describes the quilt she brought with her and the impact that quilting has had on her life.

Quilt historian, textile dealer, quilt appraiser, and quilter Mary Perini is interviewed about quilts. She discusses the personal and emotional aspects of quilting, including the stories told by quilts which can be found in their stitching and…

Karen Alexander speaks of her involvement with quilting and how it has inspired her research.

Amy Henderson interviews Teddy Pruett, a quilt maker at the American Quilt Study group conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. Pruett discusses the quilt she brought for the interview, which showcases her humorous, unique style of quilt making. She…







Karen Alexander is a quilter, but works mainly as a quilt historian. She focuses on researching unknown quilts, and quilters’ genealogy. Her mother-in-law taught her how to quilt in 1980, however she has a long history of quilters in her family.…

Sally Ambrose started quilting in 1984 when she moved to Washington. Her grandmother was a quilter and she believes the story makes the quilt. In this interview she describes an unfinished quilt with a long history that she acquired and completed.
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