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Alva Barrett is a quilter and member of the National Society of Daughters of the Americna Revolution, Tillicum chapter. She grew up in the South, and began quilting at age 16 because her entire family and community quilted. She is extremely…

Lourdes Barragan is a hispanic quiltmaker. She sells most of her quilts fairly successfully in California. The quilt she describes in this interview is a pictorial quilt depicting a desolate graveyard near the ranch where she was born.

Susan Atwell is a quiltmaker from La Porte, Indiana. She learned to quilt from her mother and grandmother, she recalls fond memories of trips to the fabric store with them, and began quilting herself when she was in her thirties and loves longarm…

Ann Anastastio is a quiltmaker from central Illinois and is living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She's a member of the Studio Art Quilt Assocition and the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild, and also teaches for the Parks and Recreation department in…

Sally Ambrose started quilting in 1984 when she moved to Washington. Her grandmother was a quilter and she believes the story makes the quilt. In this interview she describes an unfinished quilt with a long history that she acquired and completed.
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