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Alva Barrett is a quilter and member of the National Society of Daughters of the Americna Revolution, Tillicum chapter. She grew up in the South, and began quilting at age 16 because her entire family and community quilted. She is extremely…

Martha Austin is a quilter from Fort Worth, Texas. Her desire to quilt simply grew from her enjoyment of quilts themselves. Austin quilts for and works with the Meals on Wheels program at Ridglea Methodist Church's Friendship House.

Margaret Asiello is a quilter from Portland, Oregon. She is a member of the Oregon State Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Beaver Chapter. Asiello enjoys most the fine detail and sense of accomplishment she feels when quilting. She values…

Lela Anders is a quiltmaker from Alabama. She began quilting at around age 20, when her sister-in-law taught her how to. In this interview she describes a quilt she made for her granddaughter out of her old cheerleading outfits.

Teresa Alvarez is a Spanish-speaking quiltmaker living in Boonville, California. She began with crocheting and needlepoint before moving to quiltmaking. Alvarez describes two quilts she's completed, "Tinkerbelle," and "The Fruit Basket," the latter…
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