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Margie Hockman introduces herself and her touchstone quilt, which uses her favorite Double Wedding Ring pattern. She talks about her upbringing and her first quilts. Hockman talks about the various quilting guilds she has belonged to and her roles in…

Linda Fiedler talks about her chosen quilt, the fabrics used, the design, and how it got its name by helping her through a tough time. She describes her first remembrances of quilting, including the work her grandmother and her mother did, as well as…

Judy Stryker talks about the materials of her chosen quilt, the maker of the quilt, and how it came into her possession. She talks about first learning about quilting and when she started to quilt. Stryker talks about the guilds she is a member of…

Joan Knight talks about the first full-size quilt she ever made, how it is used, and the reason she chose the log cabin design for her first-ever full-size quilt. She talks about her early quilting experiences with her family and how she continued…

Eileen Doughty says the quilt she brought to the interview is named "Niggle's Leaf" and was inspired by a story that she read as a teenager, called "Leaf by Niggle" by J.R.R Tolkien. Doughty shares that she has been quilting since 1986 and that her…

Paula Golden says that the name of her quilt is "Dancing To My Spirit" and was inspired by a soapstone carving from the Inuit culture. She talks about the techniques she used in creating the quilt, as well as the things she learned during the…

In this brief interview with Cliff Bailey, he describes a quilt that he has made that he's fond of, in part because of the nosegay pattern, use of colors, and feed sack fabric. He describes his introduction to quilting by his family, what he likes…

Houck describes the quilt she has brought to the interview, which is a remake of a 1930s quilt. She discusses the use of feed sacks in quilting and sewing. She talks about how she originally became interested in quilting. Houck began a quilt magazine…

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